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  • Measurement of operating forces in a ram press crushing sunflower seed 

    Foster, J.D.G.; Uziak, J.; Loukanov, I.A. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd,, 2009)
    This study presents the experimental setup and results of measurement of forces and moments in a manually operated ram press machine. Tests were conducted on a BP30 ram press using electrical resistance strain gauges to ...
  • Theoritical analysis of an offset single-stroke ram press for sunflower oil extraction 

    Loukanov, I. A.; Uziak, J. (International Symposium on Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (IFToMM), 2001)
    The single-stroke ram press machine is widely used for sunflower oil extraction in African countries. It is manually operated, low speed machine constructed on the basis of slider-crank mechanism. The paper presents a ...