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  • Herbivore size matters for productivity-richness relationships in African savannas 

    Fynn, Richard, W.S.; Burkepile, Deron E.; Thompson, Dave I.; Lemoine, Nathan P.; Koerner, Sally E.; Eby, Stephanie; Hagenah, Nicole; Wilcox, Kevin R.; Collins, Scott L.; Kirkman, Kevin P.; Knapp, Alan K.; Smith, Melinda D. (British Ecological Society,, 2017-05)
    Productivity and herbivory often interact to shape plant community composition and species richness with levels of production mediating the impact of herbivory. However, differences in herbivore traits such as size, feeding ...
  • Plant community response to loss of large herbivores differs between North American and South African savanna grasslands. 

    Koerner, Sally E.; Burkepile, Deron E.; Fynn, Richard W.S; Burns, Catherine E.; Eby, Stephanie; Govender, Navashni; Hagenah, Nicole; Matchett, Katherine J.; Wilcox, Kevin R.; Collins, Scott L.; Kirkman, Kevin P.; Knapp, Allan K.; Smith, Melinda D.; Thompson, Dave I. (Ecological Society of America;, 2014-04-01)
    Herbivory and fire shape plant community structure in grass‐dominated ecosystems, but these disturbance regimes are being altered around the world. To assess the consequences of such alterations, we excluded large herbivores ...