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  • On natural characterizations of tensor integrability 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Science Domain International,, 2015-05-04)
    We revisit the definition of the tensor integrability introduced in [1], and prove some useful characterizations that provide a foundation for studying relevant properties to the integration theory. As applications, we ...
  • On the differentiability of vector valued additive set functions 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A.; Kagiso, Dintle (Scientific Research,, 2013-11)
    The Lebesgue-Nikodým Theorem states that for a Lebesgue measure λ:Σ〖⊂2〗^Ω→[0,∞) an additive set function F:Σ→R which is λ-absolutely continuous is the integral of a Lebegsue integrable a measurable function ...
  • On the Riesz representation theorem and integral operators 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A. (NISC (Pty) Ltd,, 2015-12-14)
    We present a Riesz representation theorem in the setting of extended integration theory as introduced in [6]. The result is used to obtain boundedness theorems for integral operators in the more general setting of spaces ...