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  • Reservoir storage requirements in arid areas 

    Stephenson, D.; Kgomotso, A.K.; Matladi, T. (University of Botswana, 2006)
    Water reservoir storage requirements are a function of demand and variation in inflow. The greater the variation the greater the storage required to meet a specified draft. The selected recurrence interval of failure also ...
  • Analysis of gender differences in education for engineering career (Gaborone case study) 

    Nair, S.; Vokolkova, V.; Abadjieva, T. (University of Botswana, 2000)
    The percentage of students, especially women in engineering, is very low in Botswana and the country is still heavily dependent upon foreign human resources. The objective of this research has been to study the gender ...
  • An investigation into the possibility of establishing a building index for Botswana 

    Ssegawa, J.K.; Samman, J.; Kgatlegang, J. (University of Botswana, 2001)
    Without cost information, project planning is difficult for clients just as pricing of tenders is difficult for construction firms. No agency or organization in Botswana has endeavoured to collect, compile and analyze ...
  • Low flush water closets in buildings and their effects in the drainage systems 

    Ganesan, C.T. (University of Botswana, 1999)
    Water scarcity in arid and semi-arid countries such as Botswana; call for judicious planning and economic use. In this connection many water saving components and appliances have been devised. One such system for example ...
  • Tracing the African project failure syndrome: the significance of 'ubuntu". 

    Rwelamila, P. D.; Talukhaba, A .A.; Ngowi, A.B. (Emerald, 1999)
    The lack of 'ubuntu'(African group solidarity) between project stakeholders in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) public building sector has been surrounded by controversy and strongly held opinions. The work ...
  • Effects of some factors in the mdulus of elasticity of deformability of lightweight concrete 

    Abadjieva, T. (University of Botswana, 1998)
    Investigations of the influence of various factors on the modulus of elasticity and deformability of different types of lightweight concrete are presented.The results show that the modulus are not constant and decrease ...
  • On the oscillatory flow past an infinite vertical porous plate1 - mean flow 

    Raju, V.C.C. (University of Botswana, 1998)
  • Improving the traditional earth construction: a case study of Botswana 

    Ngowi, A.B. (Elsevier, 1997)
    The traditional developed earth as one of the most important construction materials by taking cognizance of the strength requirements, durability of resulting structures and the environmental concern in processing and using ...
  • Environmental impacts of fly ash 

    Sahu, B.K.; Jayaram, S. (University of Botswana, 2000)
    Alarmingly high accumulation of fly ash has led geochemical engineers into finding a solution for the use of flyash as a construction material in the recent past. As of now, although the material has been used in a limited ...
  • Sustainable research platform at the University of Botswana 

    Ntshwene, K.; Kashiwagi, J.; Kashiwagi, D. (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors fileID=4956&fileExtension=PDF, 2009)
    The Project Management Section at the University of Botswana has been undergoing a test to transform the section from an education based faculty to a research based faculty. The test was initiated by a Fulbright Scholar ...
  • Changing gender contracts in self-help housing construction in Botswana: the case of Lobatse 

    Kalabamu, F. (Elsevier http://www. doi:10.1016/j.habitatint.2003.09.005, 2005)
    The purpose of this essay is to identify gender contracts in self-help housing construction. Gender contracts have been defined as invisible power relationships that determine roles, responsibilities, privileges, status, ...
  • Comments on ‘‘Flexural behavior of concrete slabs with corroded bars” 

    Malumbela, G.; Alexander, M.; Moyo, P. (Elsevier, 2008)
    This paper presents a discussion on a paper authored by Chung et al. [Chung L, Najm H, Balaguru P. Flexural behaviour of concrete slabs with corroded bars. Cement Concr Compos 2008;30:184-93].
  • Review of analysis methods for inelastic design of steel semi-continuous frames 

    Gizejowski, M.A.; Barszcz, A.M.; Branicki, C.J.; Uzoegbo, H.C. (Elsevier, 2006)
    Three groups of methods for the inelastic analysis of steel plane frames with semi-rigid joints are considered in this paper. The first one consists of simplified second-order (or P–Δ) plastic-hinge methods for the ...
  • Lagrangian approach to a generalized coupled lane-Emden system: symmetries and first integrals 

    Muatjetjeja, B.; Chalique, C.M. (Elsevier, 2009)
    This paper aims to classify a generalized coupled Lane–Emden system and to compute the Noether operators corresponding to a Lagrangian for a generalized coupled Lane–Emden system which occurs in the modelling of several ...
  • Lie group classification of the generalized Lane-Emden equation 

    Khalique, C.M.; Muatjetjeja, B. (Elsevier, 2009)
    We carry out the Lie group classification of the generalized Lane–Emden equation xu00 þ nu0 þ xHðuÞ ¼ 0, which has many applications in mathematical physics and astrophysics. We show that the equation admits a three-dimensional ...
  • Community participation in facility management 

    Ngowi, A.B.; Mselle, P.C. (MCB University Press, 1998-11)
    By involving the beneficiaries of a facility such as housing or an irrigation scheme, at the various stages of the project, it is possible to build their capacity in relation to the facility, which may contribute to the ...
  • A review of mineral development and investment policies of Botswana 

    Matshediso, I.B. (Elsevier, 2005)
    Botswana’s mineral policy objective is primarily to maximize the national economic benefit from the development of mineral resources. In 1999, the government replaced the old mining code of 1977, which was out of tune ...
  • A hybrid approach to house construction – a case study in Botswana 

    Ngowi, A.B. (Taylor and Francis,, 1997)
    This paper examines the strategy of employing a hybrid combination of indigenous and modern housing construction technologies. Using a Botswana village as a case study, this paper examines four traditional house types ...
  • Impact of culture on the application of TQM in the construction industry in Botswana 

    Ngowi, A.B. (MCB University Press,, 2000)
    Total quality management (TQM) as an integrated approach to management that represents a holistic management philosophy, rather than a series of techniques, is embedded with cultural values and assumptions that are ...
  • Competition aspect of construction alliances 

    Ngowi, A.B. (MCB University Press. http//, 2001)
    The primary purpose of forming alliance in the construction industry is to pool together the resources of the participating partners in order to form a team that has a competitive advantage. Each partner in an alliance has ...