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  • Determinants of the nutritional status of children in a rural African setting: the case of Chobe district, Botswana 

    Gobotswang, K. (United Nations University Press., 1998)
    Variations in interdistrict nutritional status have puzzled both social policy makers and health workers in Botswana. A total of 643 households and 898 pre-school children were surveyed to determine factors that are ...
  • Nutrition and the ailing immune system: a challenge in the new millenium 

    Disele, P.L.P.; Peters, S.; Masoloko, T.; Shumba, A. (Office of Research and Development, University of Botswana;, 2001)
    The new millennium has come but we are not healthy: the Human Immuno-deficiency VIruS (HIV) IS taking its toll. It is critical for everyone to find ways of coping with this problem, along side campaigns to eradicate the ...
  • Nutrition-infection interactions 

    Mahgoub, S.E.O. (AFAHPER-SD; see, 1998)
    Nutrition and health are closely related to each other. Adequate nutrition leads to good or normal health. The focus of this paper is on the interaction of, and relationships between, nutrition and infection (as a health aspect).