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  • Population structure of human gut bacteria in a diverse cohort from rural Tanzania and Botswana 

    Hansen, Matthew E.B.; Rubel, Meagan A.; Bailey, Aubrey G; Ranciaro, Alessia; Thompson, Simon R.; Campbell, Michael C.; Beggs, William; Dave, Jaanki R.; Mokone, Gaonyadiwe G; Mpoloka, Sununguko Wata; Nyambo, Thomas; Abnet, Christian; Chanock, Stephen J.; Bushman, Frederic D.; Tishkoff, Sarah A. (BMC,, 2019-01-22)
    Background: Gut microbiota from individuals in rural, non-industrialized societies differ from those in individuals from industrialized societies. Here, we use 16S rRNA sequencing to survey the gut bacteria of seven ...