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  • E-learning platforms and humanities education: an African case study 

    Ikpe, I.B. (Edinburgh University Press,, 2011)
    The advent of e-learning has been a welcomed development in African universities, especially in countries where the demand for university education far outstrips capacity. This form of instruction not only has helped in ...
  • The God That Answers With Fire: Religious Transformation And Public Morality In Africa 

    Ikpe, I.B. (Boleswa Journal of Theology, Religion and Philosophy (BJTRP), 2005-12)
    This paper focuses on public morality in Africa and examines the contributions of Christian theology to moral decline in Africa. The paper points out the disparity between the theology of purnishment in African religions ...
  • Reversed discrimination and the renegotiation of power in an African society 

    Ikpe, I.B. (crencas religioes e poderes dos individuos as sociabilidades, 2008)
    Gender relations in Africa have always been important especially given the active involvement of women in production as well as reproduction processes. Women have always been actively involved in traditional economies as ...