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  • Botswana’s environmental policy on recycling 

    Ketlogetswe, C.; Mothudi, T.H. (, 2005)
    Recycling operations have become one of the primary strategies forwaste management,worldwide. Especially, recycling operations are viewed as among the most effective techniques for reducing the amount of municipal solid ...
  • Constraints to promoting people centred approaches in recycling 

    Bolaane, B. (2008-07-02)
    Public participation is considered the touchstone for the success of recycling schemes. In recognition of this, the trend in recycling policy and legislation is geared towards promoting people centred approaches in recycling ...
  • A survey of possible household participation patterns in solid waste source separation in Gaborone 

    Bolaane, B. (University of Botswana, 2006)
    Public support for source separation schemes in developing countries is still subject to continuing debate and limited work has been directed at understanding its manifestations. The purpose of this survey was to assess ...