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  • Stochastic models for sunshine duration and solar irradiation 

    Jain, P.K.; Lungu, E.M. (Elsevier Science Ltd:, 2002)
    Abstract Harmonic analysis of sunshine duration and solar irradiation measured at Sebele, Botswana is carried out. The data used consists of the monthly averages and the Julian-days averages of sunshine duration and solar ...
  • Renewable energy education in Botswana: needs, status and proposed training programs 

    Jain, P.K.; Lungu, E.M.; Mogotsi, B. (Elsevier Science Ltd., 2002-01)
    Lack of trained manpower for repair and maintenance of solar energy devices in Botswana has resulted in failure of devices, loss of revenue, and dwindling of consumer faith in solar technologies. The government of Botswana ...
  • Homotopy Lie Algebra of Spaces for Hyperbolic Coformal 2-Cones 

    Gatsinzi, J-B. (International Press;, 2004)
    In this paper, we show that the rational homotopy Lie algebra of classifying spaces for certain types of hyperbolic coformal 2-cones is not nilpotent.
  • Teachers’ experiences with an adapted IGCSE physics syllabus in Botswana 

    Koosimile, A.T. (Elsevier,, 2005)
    This paper focuses on teachers’ experiences with implementing a modified International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) physics syllabus in Botswana. The syllabus, characterised by a new organisational ...
  • A numerical study of some modified differential evolution algorithms 

    Kaelo, P.; Ali, M.M. (Elsevier;, 2006)
    Modifications in mutation and localization in acceptance rule are suggested to the differential evolution algorithm for global optimization. Numerical experiments indicate that the resulting algorithms are considerably ...
  • String Homology of a Product of Spheres and the Witt Algebra 

    Gatsinzi, J-B.; Kwashira, R. (Nova Science Publishers, Inc.;; reprinted with permission from Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2007)
    Let X be a finite product of even dimensional spheres, we show that the string homology of X contains a finite product of copies of the Witt Lie algebra.
  • A study of pulsatile blood flow modeled as a power low fluid in a constricted tube 

    Prakash, J.; Ogulu, A. (Elsevier;, 2007-07)
    A mathematical model for the pulsatile blood flow in a small vessel in a cardiovascular system with a mild stenosis is analyzed. Blood is modeled as a power low fluid and the differential approximation for the heat flux ...
  • Thermal analysis and annealing temperature dependence of electrical properties in Sn10Sb20Se70 glassy semiconductor 

    Kumar, P.; Thangaraj, R.; Sathiaraj, T.S. (Springer Netherlands, 2008)
    The melt-quenched Sn10Sb20Se70 sample in the bulk form was used to prepare films on well-cleaned glass substrates by thermal evaporation method. The activation energy for glass transition (apparent) and crystallization has ...
  • Improved particle swarm algorithms for global optimization 

    Ali, M.M.; Kaelo, P. (Elsevier Ltd., 2008)
    Particle swarm optimization algorithm has recently gained much attention in the global optimization research community. As a result, a few variants of the algorithm have been suggested. In this paper, we study the efficiency ...
  • Screen integrable lightlike hypersurfacesof indefinite sasakian manifolds 

    Massamba, F. (Birkhäuser Basel., 2009)
    We investigate lightlike hypersurfaces of indefinite Sasakian manifolds, tangent to the structure vector field and whose screen distribution is integrable. We prove some results on parallel vector fields and on a leaf ...
  • On semi-parallel lightlike hypersurfaces of indefinite Kenmotsu manifolds 

    Massamba, F. (Birkhäuser Basel., 2009)
    We study semi-parallel lightlike hypersurfaces of an indefinite Kenmotsu manifold, tangent to the structure vector field. Some Theorems on parallel and semi-parallel vector field, geodesibility of lightlike hypersurfaces ...
  • On the Orlicz-Pettis theorem for integrals 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Pushpa Publishing House,, 2010-10)
    In this note, we propose a more efficient approach to the definition of the integral of Banach-valued functions that enables us to give an improved version of the Orlicz-Pettis theorem for integrals.
  • Vector measures of bounded semivariation and associated convolution operators 

    Saab, P.; Robdera, M.A. (Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust,, 2011)
    Let G be a compact metrizable abelian group, and let X be a Banach space. We characterize convolution operators associated with a regular Borel X-valued measure of bounded semivariation that are compact (resp; weakly ...
  • Exponential polynomials on commutative hypergroups 

    Székelyhidi, László (Springer,, 2013)
    Polynomials and exponential polynomials play a fundamental role in the theory of spectral analysis and spectral synthesis on commutative groups. Recently several new results have been published in this field. Spectral ...
  • The Levi-Civitá equation, vector modules and spectral synthesis 

    Székelyhidi, László (Banach Center Polish Academy of Sciences, 2013)
    The purpose of this paper is to give a survey on some recent results concerning spectral analysis and spectral synthesis in the framework of vector modules and in close connection with the Levi-Civita functional equation. ...
  • More on equivalence properties of Radon-Nikodym property types and Complete Continuity property types 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Pushpa Publishing House,, 2013-01)
    We study the equivalence property of the I- and II-L-Radon-Nikodým property (resp. I- and II-L-complete continuity property) types of Banach spaces. As a by-product, we obtain a proof of the following: F. Lust-Picard’s ...
  • Unified approach to vector valued integration 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Pushpa Publishing House,, 2013-06)
    We introduce a natural and more flexible approach to the definition of vector valued integral that will completely forgo any measurability assumption, strengthen the existing various classical concepts of ...
  • On the differentiability of vector valued additive set functions 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A.; Kagiso, Dintle (Scientific Research,, 2013-11)
    The Lebesgue-Nikodým Theorem states that for a Lebesgue measure λ:Σ〖⊂2〗^Ω→[0,∞) an additive set function F:Σ→R which is λ-absolutely continuous is the integral of a Lebegsue integrable a measurable function ...
  • On summable bases in Banach spaces 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Science Domian International,, 2014-06-24)
    We introduce the notion of summable bases that naturally generalizes the notion of unconditional sequence bases for Banach spaces. We shall be particularly interested in some classical results on sequences and series in ...
  • A new general approach to vector valued stochastic integration 

    Robdera, Mangatiana A. (International Journal of Modeling and Optimization,, 2014-08)
    We use an extended theory of integral that generalizes the integration of vector valued functions with respect to non-negative, monotonic,countably subadditive set functions, in order to introduce a new approach to stochastic ...