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  • Gravity evidence for a larger Limpopo Belt in southern Africa and geodynamic implications 

    Ranganai, R.T.; Kampunzu, A.B.; Atekwana, E.A.; Paya, B.K.; King, J.G.; Koosimile, D.I.; Stettler, E.H. (Royal Astronomical Society., 2002)
    The Limpopo Belt of southern Africa is a Neoarchean orogenic belt located between two older Archean provinces, the Zimbabwe craton to the north and the Kaapvaal craton to the south. Previous studies considered the Limpopo ...
  • Mantle structure beneath the incipient Okavango rift zone in southern Africa 

    Moidaki, Moikwathai; Yu, Youqiang; Liu, Kelly H.; Huang, Zhouchuan; Zhao, Dapeng; Reed, Cory A.; Lei, Jianshe; Gao, Stephen S. (The Geological Society of America,, 2107-02-01)
    Numerous investigations of the mature segments of the East African rift system (EARS) have significantly improved our understanding of the structure and processes associated with well-developed continental rifts. In contrast, ...