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  • Effect of composition on optical constants of Pb: GeSbTechalcogenide thin films 

    Kumar, J.; Kumar, P.; Suri, N.; Ahmad, M.; Thangaraj, R.; Sathiaraj, T.S. (2008)
    Optical properties of Pb doped ternary Ge-Sb-Te chalcognide films prepared by thermal evaporation have been studied in the visible and near-infrared spectral regions. The straightforward analysis proposed by Swanepoel has ...
  • Optical properties of amorphous Sb2Se3:Sn films 

    Kumar, P.; Sathiaraj, T.S.; Thangaraj, R. (Taylor & Francis, 2010)
    The measurements and analysis of optical transmission and far-infrared (IR) reflectivity spectra of thermally evaporated Sb2Se3:Sn films are reported. The refractive index and film thickness have been determined from ...