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  • Absorption of Microwaves in Low Intensity Eucalyptus Litter Fire 

    Letsholathebe, Douglas; Mphale, Kgakgamatso (Scientific Research Publishing Inc.,, 2015)
    A fuel bed was constructed where various vegetation species could be used as combustion fuel. The fuel bed was equipped with a thermocouple to measure fire temperature and a two-port automatic network analyser to measure ...
  • Plant alkali content and radio wave communication efficiency in high intensity savanna wildfires 

    Mphale, K.M.; Heron, M.L. (Elsevier Science Ltd., 2007)
    The flames of wildfires are weakly ionized gas. The ionization is mainly due to omnipresent alkali and alkaline earth metal species that are emitted from thermally decomposing plant structure into the flame during a ...