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  • Does Botswana need a Society for Animal Scientists? 

    Madibela, O.R. (University of Botswana,, 2013-09-12)
     Botswana’s agriculture contributes about 2.0% to GDP and involves about 130 800 traditional farmers (Statistics Botswana 2012). Of these, animal agriculture contributes almost 100% of the income generated by agriculture. ...
  • Effect of sorghum variety on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of malted grains from Botswana 

    Legodimo, M.D.; Madibela, O.R. (University of Botswana,, 2014-01-16)
    This study investigated the effects of variety of sorghum on nutritional levels of malted grains. Unscreened grains of BSH1, Mahube, Phofu and Segaolane were malted and analysed for crude protein, minerals, fiber, organic ...
  • Quality in science: the need for constant vigilance 

    Madibela, O.R. (University of Botswana,, 2016-01-02)
    The government of Botswana has a standing commitment to promoting science as a vehicle for economic development and harnessing natural resources, value addition and diversification. This standing is evident by the establishment ...