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  • Makgowa, Mahaletsela, and Maburu: traders and travellers before c.1820 

    Parsons, N. (Research and Development Unit, University of Botswana,, 1997)
    This article is about the way people of Tswana origin related with non Tswana speaking people and how they referred to them. It talks about how some of the non Tswana speaking people especially the Whites or Makgowa came ...
  • One body playing many parts-Ie Betjouana, el Negro, and il Bosquimano 

    Parsons, N. (University of Botswana, Research and Development Unit/, 2002)
    This article talks about how the body of El Negro was stolen from southern Africa and how it was kept as an exhibit in a museum in Spain. Two French taxidermists stole the body later known as El Negro from a grave beyond ...