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  • Parasynthesis in Degema: Simultaneous affixation or suffixation and concomitant prefixation 

    Kari, Ethelbert E. (Linguistics Association of SADC Universities, 2015-04)
    This paper discusses parasynthesis, also known as circumfixation, in Degema. It highlights the fact that circumfixes are controversial not only because of the possibility to analyze them as discontinuous units consisting ...
  • Verb inflectional morphology in Ikwere 

    Kari, Ethelbert E.; Alerechi, Roseline I.C. (The Joongwon Linguistic Society of Korea,, 2018-07-31)
    Although some work has been done on Ikwere verb inflectional morphology, no comprehensive description of this aspect of the language exists. This paper aims at providing a fairly comprehensive description of the verb ...