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  • An alalysis of two setswana colour terms: ntsho and tshweu 

    Otlogetswe, T.J.; Bagwasi, M.M. (University of Botswana, Department of English,, 2008)
    This paper explores the linguistic contexts, uses and meanings of the colour terms ntsho (black) and tshweu (white) in Setswana. Using a corpus data, the paper argues that the two terms display cultural and linguistic ...
  • Intersuffixing in Setswana: the case of the perfective -ile, the applicative -ela, and the causative -isa 

    Chebanne, A. (University of Botswana, Office of Research and Development,, 1996)
    Our motivation and inspiration to undertake this aspect of the phonology of Setswana is derived from research in Setswana phonology by Creissels (Notes, 1991-1992) and from the Bantu languages phonology by Bastin (1983). ...
  • The nature and origin of sex-related euphemisms in Setswana 

    Batibo, H.M.; Kopi, M.M. (University of Botswana, Department of English,, 2008)
    The aim of this study is to investigate sex-related euphemisms in Setswana. Although sex matters, as embarrassing phenomena, are not usually talked about in Setswana communities, they have recently been brought to the open ...