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  • 2018 Proceedings of the SADC international on postgraduate research for sustainable development 

    Anderson, George O. Prof; Moalafi, Ditiro B. Dr; Sheikh, Sajid M. Dr; Ngebani, Ibo M. Dr; Gandure, Jerekias Prof; Mathangwane, Joyce T. Prof (University of Botswana, School of Graduate Studies, https://www.ub.bw, 2019-07-22)
    Achieving sustainable development requires the human resource with the right sustainability knowledge and skills to respond to the challenges facing our world today. Governments, communities and businesses are tackling the ...
  • A Socio-pragmatic analysis of compliment responses among students at the University of Botswana 

    Matiki, Alfred J.; Kgolo, Naledi N. (University of Malawi, http://www.unima.mw/, 2017)
    Using tape-recorded interviews as well as Discourse Completion Tasks on compliment responses as elicitation methods, this study set out to investigate the linguistic resources that students at the University of Botswana ...
  • Cerebral edema during the management of diabetic ketoacidosis in an adult with new onset diabetes mellitus 

    Milan, Alexei Ortiz; Cox, Megan; Mirino, Carlos Medina; Fernandez, Aurelio Rodriguez; Rivera, Yordanka Pina (Sociedad Cubana de Medicina Intensiva y Emergencias, http://articulos.sld.cu/urgencia/, 2017)
    Cerebral edema associated with Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a rare but frequently fatal complication typically occurring 4 to 12 hours after initiation of treatment, but it can develop any time during DKA management. ...
  • Analyse d’erreurs pour ameliorer l’enseignement de la traduction en classe de FLE 

    Sello, Kagiso Jacob (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, https://www.topuniversities.com/universities/universitas-pendidikan-indonesia, 2017-06)
    RÉSUMÉ. En s’appuyant sur une analyse d’erreur étiologique par le biais du modèle de l’analyse matricielle définitoire, la présente étude se propose de déceler les paramètres de l’environnement d’apprentissage sur lesquels ...
  • Traduire pour promouvoir et preserver les langues minoritaires et regionales AU Botswana 

    Sello, Kagiso Jacob (University of Suceava in Romania, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C8%98tefan_cel_Mare_University_of_Suceava, 2015-06)
    In this article, we argue that the development of translation in Botswana could aid in preserving and promoting minority and regional languages. Indeed, one major problem encountered by minority ...

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