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  • Salmonella sepsis and urinary tract infection complicating with acute kidney injury in a HIV positive female patient 

    Rwegerera, Godfrey Mutashambara; Ramolefhe, Thato Tumediso; Ngoy, Ngoy Alphonse; Lesiamang, Molatedi; Pina Rivera, Yordanka (Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research; https://www.jcdr.org.in/, 2019-03-01)
    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can rarely be caused by salmonella species. UTI salmonellosis may present as uncomplicated UTI, pyelonephritis or haemorrhagic cystitis. We present a case of a 44-year-old HIV positive female ...
  • Some relations between admissible monomials for the polynomial algebra 

    Mothebe, Mbakiso Fix; Uys, Lafras (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, www.Hindawi.com, 2015)
    Let P(𝑛) = F2[𝑥1, . . . , 𝑥𝑛] be the polynomial algebra in 𝑛 variables 𝑥𝑖, of degree one, over the field F2 of two elements. The mod-2 Steenrod algebra A acts on P(𝑛) according to well known rules. A major problem ...
  • Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles with potent antimicrobial activity using lactic acid bacteria 

    Wale, Kabo Ronald; Ogopotse, Wathuto; Loeto, Daniel; Mokgweetsi, Phatsimo; Letsholo, Baemedi; Muzila, Mbaki; Khare, Krishna Behari; Makate, Ntebaleng (Society for Advance Healthcare Research, http://www.ejbps.com/, 2019-03)
    In this study, Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from traditional fermented foods were screened for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles. Antimicrobial activity of the synthesized nanoparticles was assayed against several ...
  • 2018 Proceedings of the SADC international on postgraduate research for sustainable development 

    Anderson, George O. Prof; Moalafi, Ditiro B. Dr; Sheikh, Sajid M. Dr; Ngebani, Ibo M. Dr; Gandure, Jerekias Prof; Mathangwane, Joyce T. Prof (University of Botswana, School of Graduate Studies, https://www.ub.bw, 2019-07-22)
    Achieving sustainable development requires the human resource with the right sustainability knowledge and skills to respond to the challenges facing our world today. Governments, communities and businesses are tackling the ...
  • A Socio-pragmatic analysis of compliment responses among students at the University of Botswana 

    Matiki, Alfred J.; Kgolo, Naledi N. (University of Malawi, http://www.unima.mw/, 2017)
    Using tape-recorded interviews as well as Discourse Completion Tasks on compliment responses as elicitation methods, this study set out to investigate the linguistic resources that students at the University of Botswana ...

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