Recent Submissions

  • Fibroadenoma in the axillary accessory breast 

    Motsumi, M.; Narasimhamurthy, M.; Gabolwelwe, M. (South African Medical Association,, 2018-09)
    A 30-year-old female noted a mass in her right axilla for 6 years. The mass was painless, slowly growing, causing discomfort, had cyclical changes in consistency and was of cosmetic concern to the patient. Examination ...
  • Impact of human immunodeficiency virus infection on survival and acute toxicities from chemoradiation therapy for cervical cancer patients in a limited-resource setting 

    Grover, Surbhi; Yeager, Alyssa; Chiyapo, Sebathu; Bhatia, Rohini; MacDuffie, Emily; Puri, Priya; Balang, Dawn; Ratcliffe, Sarah; Narasimhamurthy, Mohan; Gwangwava, Elliphine; Tsietso, Sylvia; Kayembe, Mukendi K.A.; Ramogola-Masire, Doreen; Dryden-Peterson, Scott; Lin, Lilie L.; Zetola, Nicola M.; Viswanathan, Akila N.; Mahantshetty, Umesh (Elsevier,, 2018-05-01)
    Purpose—To prospectively compare survival between human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected versus HIV-uninfected cervical cancer patients who initiated curative chemoradiation therapy (CRT) in a limited-resource ...